Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I join Venly?

We’re doing our best to perfect the booking experience on the Venly app. We are launching very soon! Be sure to stay alert and sign-up to our newsletter and follow us on instagram to stay updated.

How do I discover venues?

The homepage consists of Featured, Popular, Recently Added and Nearby Venues, along with a search functionality; all of which feature a wide variety of well established, high quality venues for you to explore, book, and enjoy.

What categories are on Venly?

Venly offers a “Book Anything” solution. We currently offer Sports, Adventures, Tours, Wellbeing, Halls, Conference Rooms, and Resort venues with a lot more to come!

How do I book a venue?

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3:
1. Choose a venue
2. Select a Date and Time
3. Confirm your booking!
All Done! Now just present your e-ticket to the venue and enjoy your experience!