Who Is Venly For?

August 30, 2022
Who Is Venly For?

Who is Venly for? is for everyone!

The idea of Venly is to provide a user-friendly interface that suits a wide range of audiences to book venues near you. People can explore and book their favorite activities all around Qatar (and one day the whole world!). Our team strives to provide high-quality experiences and activities for everyone to book and enjoy from a variety of experiences which cover Sports, Adventures, Wellness, Events, Resorts, and many more.

Venly Your Time Is Precious

Forget about having to stress over finding an activity to fill your day. Venly’s swift booking system is more convenient than ever, a prime innovation that provides live booking availability to help you place a booking at a time that suits you. We want to remove unnecessary calls, texts and research and instead give you the ability to place a booking in 3 easy steps with every payment method you need in Qatar. Debit card, Credit card, and most importantly Apple Pay!

Truly for Everyone

We are constantly onboarding businesses that suit you! You will be happy to find many venues and facilities for everyone, and some exclusively for ladies/men. Whether it’s a ladies day or a guy’s night, you’ll enjoy every booking, comfortably. We want to ensure Venly is accessible and convenient for everyone using it.

Ensuring Quality!

we partnering businesses follow a strict guideline with regular provisioning, so that the you don’t have to worry about the quality of your experience! We want to make sure that your experience is incredible, every single time.
How We Improve

Venly and its partners are always listening for your feedback. Every time you complete an activity, you will have the option to send us and the business feedback about your experience, we value everything you have to say! This helps us improve the overall quality of the venue and our platform in order to serve you better.

We hope you enjoyed the read! As always, let us know your thoughts and if you have any questions get in touch and we’ll
be more than happy to chat!

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