The Innovation Behind Venly

August 30, 2022
The Innovation Behind Venly

venlyapp: How Would You Describe Something Innovative?

Is VenlyApp a new idea? A new experience? Maybe its something that improves the way you use something?
We think it’s all of those! Innovative ideas can be big or small, it can be a new design or a simplified process, but a breakthrough innovation is different. It’s something that creates a new category, or dramatically changes an existing one. That’s where Venly comes in; through our services, we want to introduce a new approach to how you book things by making it faster, more convenient, more feature-packed and ultimately BETTER!

Venlyapp Beyond The Booking
You see, there’s more to a booking experience than just the booking itself. It starts with finding the right venue or activity, and then choosing the right time, and maybe you would like some extras to go along with your booking to add a little spark to your experience? In the end, booking something is an experience, and we want to enhance that experience. We decided to start small, to understand what it is people expect when trying to place a booking and from there we would add the flare that would light up the whole experience… Anyways, here’s what we learnt about what people DON’T want:

. Searching everywhere for the right venue
. Calling just to ask about availability
. Complicated booking processes
. Limited payment options

With that, we designed the perfect solution that meets expectations; You can explore and search for sports, wellness facilities, adventures and tours, resorts or even events! You can also check availability and once you’ve made your decision, all you need to do is choose your preferred method of payment and you’re all set!
At this point it seemed like we were ready; we developed an app that anyone could use to conveniently book their favorite venues and activities. However, Venly just didn’t seem… innovative yet. We only met expectations and we wanted to do much more, so we decided to take the next step forward and to exceed expectations.

Venlyapp How We Achieved That Visuals!

Every business has their unique page where they get to showcase images, services and everything amazing about the place, helping you choose just the right place for your activity!
Unique! Did we mention how bookings are catered to you? Every booking is special, and you can choose from the additional services and extras that are offered to make your experience truly unique.
Specific! This one is better explained through example, so, here’s how specific you can be with your next booking:

  1. Choose one of our 5 categories or refine it down to one of the 20+ sub-categories if you have an idea about what you want.
  2. Next, browse the list of venues and activities around you and choose the place that you find the most interesting.
  3. Now choose the timings that suit you whether you’re booking a day, week or an entire month ahead.
  4. If you’d like more, add additional services and extras to make the most out of your next booking!
  5. Lastly, choose your favorite payment method and proceed to confirming your booking. Done!

    If you’d like something much simpler you can of course use our easy search and filtering to help you find just the right place.Believe it or not, there’s so much more to Venly than its innovative and unique booking experience and we will always strive to adding value to how you approach your next activity the next time you think of booking anything.
    We hope you enjoyed the read! As always, let us know your thoughts and if you have any questions get in touch and we’ll
    be more than happy to chat!

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